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Edwards Authentic is a vision that was created as a result of more than 20 years of experience of working with humans; I have worked with thousands of individuals in educational, corporate and nonprofit settings.

What I have found is that at the root of it all we want the same things: to belong, to be connected, to be of value.

Both in work and in life.

What most of us are not using is our authentic power.


Authentic power is essential in allowing our true selves to walk into the greatest expression it can be. This allows for better connection and communication with others and the ability to give more of ourselves both personally and professionally. This can only happen if we challenge our everyday practices that feed into our destructive perceptions.


With a unique professional background combining mental health and learning and development, I saw the need for inspired experiential experiences that moved beyond flashy gimmicks and wishy-washy ideals.

I saw the need for experiences that were transformative. 

As a result, I have designed experiences that will shift the way in which you approach your life and the roles that you have been given.

Experiences that will shift your mindset and help you to maximize the truest expression of yourself!




Keynote Speaking:

“Be Inspired & Shift your Thinking”

Whether it’s for a small or large event—we bring a message that will make your event one that will be remembered. Highly-engaging and inspirational with a deeply connected message tailored to your audience.


“Practice a New Perspective”

Ready to try out newly gained insights? Workshops are designed to be a seamless mix of practical and visionary—helping you to move toward a new way of practicing new skills. Workshops offered include topics for both individuals and organizations.


“Dig Deep & Embody the Change”

Courses are designed for those wanting to continue to explore topics by taking an in-depth journey to create lasting and meaningful change. Courses will be available in both in person and online formats.


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